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Use this test – produced with the CIEP – to evaluate your current level of French and determine the most appropriate activities on the website.
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Identify the activities at your level!

To find out your level, choose which test you want to take:

A1 - You are a beginner in French

You understand and can use familiar, everyday expressions in very basic phrases to meet concrete needs.
Take  placement test: A1 session 2019 / session 2015

A2 - You understand simple messages

You understand isolated sentences and expressions about your immediate environment, e.g. family, work, school. You can talk about familiar subjects.
Take placement test: A2 session 2019 session 2015

B1 - You can communicate in a French-speaking environment

You understand the main points of a message using clear, standard language. You can deal with most situations encountered while travelling. You can describe events and experiences.
Take placement test: B1 session 2019 session 2015

B2 - You communicate fluently

You understand the main content of complex messages on concrete and abstract topics. You communicate fluently with native speakers and express yourself clearly and in detail on a wide range of subjects.   
Take placement test: B2 session 2019 session 2015


This test is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (about the CEFR).

How it works

During the test, you will answer questions involving oral and written comprehension and language structure. Each level comprises 15 questions.
You will be asked to choose the correct answer and sometimes write your answer. For the oral comprehension questions, you can listen to the audio extract as many times as you want. You must answer every question to get to the fifteenth and final question.
You will see your result on the last page of the test. At the very bottom of that page, depending on your results, a short text will either indicate the content corresponding to your level or suggest that you take a test at a different level.

Les résultats du test

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