"Teaching with radio" training sessions

Radio offers teachers a mine of authentic sound documents to use in the French classroom. That is why we run courses for teachers called “Teaching with RFI”. Whether your purpose is to learn about the media or to work on oral comprehension of spoken French, we can help you improve your understanding of radio and the way it uses language to incorporate in your learning / teaching.

Learn and teach with RFI

“Learn and teach with radio” is what the RFI French language service offers you through its awareness workshops and customized teacher training sessions.

Download details of RFI Langue française training courses available

Awareness workshops
These workshops last 1½ to 4 hours to increase listening awareness of RFI’s authentic sounds. Teachers of French as a foreign language will find fun ideas and practical tools for teaching with the resources available on RFI’s French language website.

Teacher training
Training workshops last from 6 to 30 hours and give you the keys to get your pupils to understand and use French in the media.

Two types of course are possible:
- Workshop with a focus on using radio audio extracts for teaching (creation of activities using authentic sounds for French lessons).
- Workshop with a focus on radio production in the classroom, using the Audacity software programme (production of a radio portrait, show, sound bite, report).
Either of these workshops can be completed by the module “Making the most of productions” in the RFI Savoirs community.

→ The two workshops can be combined starting from 12 hours of training.

Bring the classroom to life with the radio: CLA – RFI course

Inject more life into your teaching and boost your French lessons with authentic topical sounds. RFI and CLA (Centre de Linguistique Appliquée) in Besançon have combined their skills to offer you teacher training courses. Thanks to the courses, you will be able to create a series of lessons centred on a task approach and employing active listening to decode journalistic language.

These courses focus on four objectives that you can combine to match your requirements (6 to 30 hours).

Discover the advantages of teaching with radio.

Selection and timing
Recognise radio formats and language to select an extract in line with your teaching objectives. 
Identify a document that can be used in the classroom and usefully edit it to size.

Discursive analysis: verbal and non-verbal
Make a pre-pedagogical analysis and define objectives to match capabilities.
Discover how intonation works in a radio broadcast.  

Design activities and tasks
Put together an educational scenario.
Implement task-based teaching.

Teaching with the media – Teaching Kit

This course, in association with TV5Monde, CLEMI (Centre de Liaison de l’Enseignement et des Médias d’Information) and RFI, offers network partners a 6- to 18-hour course that gives French teachers the tools they need to autonomously use media in their French lessons.

Teachers and trainers receive a boxed “Teaching Kit” featuring a DVD and resources at the end of the courses, which last from one to five days and are run by specialists from TV5MONDE, RFI, the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Development, and CLEMI.    

The network can organize courses at any time during the year, all over the world, in cooperation with these two media companies and/or the above-mentioned institutions.

For more information on how the courses are organised, contact us here.

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