Local broadcasting of our bilingual French courses

To promote French in the world and as part of its international cooperation policy, RFI allows foreign radio stations to broadcast its radio “French Courses” and programmes on the French language.

The French Courses are bilingual series aimed at familiarisation and perfection of the French language, adapted into 20 languages. These courses are entirely devised by and for radio professionals and teachers of French as a foreign language. Radio stations of all types can integrate them as bilingual series, and give local audiences an opportunity to start learning French in a fun way. 

“Ready to broadcast” series
Our series are based on original concepts that skilfully associate teaching and the limitations of radio. Listeners take pleasure in following a thrilling drama series in French and their mother tongue, thus familiarising themselves with French without realising they are learning. The audience follows a story immersed in the sounds of a francophone environment thanks to a sound production that allows them to easily understand the situations. The comments and reflections made by the hero in the listener’s mother tongue means that beginners get into the hero’s skin to decipher the main linguistic clues. With these bilingual series, learning French is fun. 

Set up a local teaching project with audiovisual tools   
To extend the discovery of French, the series are accompanied by online and offline learning tools to work on key French notions autonomously or in the classroom. This material comprises – depending on the series – audio podcasts, videos and sound bites, as well as learner booklets, teaching guides, self-correcting exercises, explanations and transcriptions. Building on the motivation triggered by the radio programme, the writing aspect can fully play its role of establishing knowledge in the long term.  

Repeats and usage in local education projects

A targeted teaching project, using the series as part of a local education scheme to disseminate French, can be set up with members of the French language promotion network. 

These actions can include:

  • production and national broadcasting of a bilingual version in the local language   
  • use of the teaching material as a complement for teaching French 
  • promotion of learning French with multimedia tools 
  • training for French teachers on how to use sound resources.

If you would like to produce a bilingual version for languages other than those available, RFI can help you set up the production for a local language adaption through a partnership. The requestor must cover the technical and translation costs. RFI offers technical and editorial assistance to local teams to make these adaptations. 

Conditions for repeats

Any foreign radio station that wants to can repeat the signal or RFI programmes, the offer also includes an option to repeat French lessons. 

All of the information required to broadcast these French lessons is provided in the FMM catalogue. 

Download the Catalogue of French Courses available for radio broadcasting (PDF) here

How it works

Stage 1 : 

To obtain the signal or programmes in radio quality, you first need to be an RFI Radio Partner. This partnership is established non-exclusively through an online radio application and the signature of a partnership contract. 

When applying, you can opt for special registration, which includes repeats of RFI French courses. This option requires accepting the following specific conditions:  

  • French courses are only destined for foreign partner radio stations.
  • French courses must be reproduced and performed in full, with no modifications, cuts, additions, imbeds, alterations, reductions or insertions.  
  • Each French course comprises several episodes that constitute a series. It must therefore imperatively be broadcast as a series in full, over a previously defined period of a maximum of one year – respecting the broadcasting rhythm indicated by RFI. 
  • French courses remain the property of FMM, and the Partner may not invoke any intellectual property or other rights to this end. 
  • Any utilisation of the series other than for radio broadcasting must be the object of a specific request to RFI. 
  • The Partner shall not grant a sub-licence to a third-party for the use of the French course. 
  • Broadcasts of the French course must systematically be accompanied by the following text: “A French course proposed and produced by Radio France Internationale (RFI)”.
  • The radio station must mention the copyright when broadcasting the series in conformity with the current legislation in its country.  
  • The radio station must post on its webpage broadcasting the course a clickable link to the RFI Savoirs webpage on which the French course is accessible.
  • The partner must mention on all written and/or visual media presenting the French course the name(s) of the authors of the course concerned (Original Text; Adaptation/Translation; Original Music; © RFI)


Read the full specific conditions (PDF) here.

Become a radio partner: http://partenariat.rfi.fr

Stage 2 : 

Once your application has been accepted, RFI will give you access to its programme bank containing RFI programmes in French and foreign languages. The bilingual French courses shall be available as a series according to the technical transmission means requested by the partner. 

For more information :
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Tél : +33 (0) 1 84 22 88 98
Courriel : langue.francaise@rfi.f

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