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The bilingual series broadcast in RFI’s foreign language programmes are devised for non-francophone listeners to initiate or perfect their French. The series use original concepts to discover how French works through an exciting story or language-focused reports.

Parlez-vous Paris ?

Bilingual reports to discover Paris  

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They come from countries like Nepal, Slovakia, Sudan and Quebec, some are at college or university, others are artists, and all of them have just moved to Paris.
They want to learn more about the French capital, its residents, codes, culture and social life: How do you find your way round Paris? What’s the best area to look for a hotel? How do you avoid being shoved in the Métro? How do you choose a good bottle of wine? What does cheese “à pâte persillée” mean? Why do French people spend so long having lunch? To answer their questions, RFI invited them to act as apprentice reporters and go out to meet some “real” Parisians.

Discover Paris through the eyes of people visiting the capital and follow the guide in 26 bilingual reports on Parlez-vous Paris? .

Listen to the episodes, watch the videos and do the exercises to get a grasp of the capital, its language and culture: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, English, Russian and Spanish.

Listen to Parlez-vous Paris? in Khmer, Persian, Portuguese, Romanian and Vietnamese.

Production: RFI French language service
Frame and script editors: Anthippi Potolia and Lidwien van Dixhoorn
Original music: Vincha
Audio production: Raphaël Cousseau and Nicole Nazem
Video production: Cyril Etienne and Dominique Fiant
Photos: RFI
Teacher packs: Anthippi Potolia and Delphine Barreau.
Multimedia publishing: Julien Cousseau
This educational project is produced in partnership with INALCO and the association Transit-Lingua.


Le Talisman brisé

A bilingual radio fiction drama for Africa

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 “Listen to the wind, it’s the Sahara crying. It’s waiting for the man of integrity who can make it green again.” Kwamé, a non-Francophone African, hasn’t forgotten the story. And he believes it too: the Sahara can turn green again. It’s the reason that he came here, to work in the experimental garden run by Professor Omar. One day, as Kwamé is working in the garden, Professor Omar is kidnapped right under his nose… on the scene of the crime lie the professor’s broken talisman and a handheld computer. Kwamé launches himself into a dangerous investigation: suspected by the police, threatened by strange individuals, and feeling wary of the large NGO working with the police, he decides to find the professor on his own. Speaking hesitant French, which he improves thanks to his dictionary and the people he meets, Kwamé follows the clues that lead him, via the high spots of the Neolithic Sahara and the River Niger, closer to the crucial man.

In 25 seven-minute episodes, Le Talisman brisé is a story that invites listeners and learners to solve a series of clues and get into the hero’s skin, in the knowledge that Kwamé’s investigation won’t succeed unless he learns the language. 

Le Talisman brisé is broadcast by RFI in English, Portuguese, Bambara, Hausa, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Malagasy, Swahili, Sesotho and Wolof.

Listen to the series.

A RFI – Hachette Livre Internationale co-production with the support of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie.

Production: French language service, Radio France Internationale
Script: Pierre Lamoussa and Bruno Maurer
Music: Baco
Production: Nicole Nazem and Raphaël Cousseau
English version associate producer: Daniel Brown

Download the Talisman brisé information sheet


Mission Paris

A bilingual radio drama to familiarise yourself with French

Listen to the trailer: 

Eva is at the Gare de l’Est in Paris when a huge explosion occurs. An injured man gives her the first clue: a series of numbers. Shortly afterwards, she finds a piece of paper marked: “The statue dominates death but fertility has been found again”. Eva needs to find out what the clue means to save the Republic. She carries out her investigation in Paris, at second-hand bookstands, at Père-Lachaise Cemetery, and even with painters at Montmartre. But our heroine is hindered because she doesn’t speak French, and her life is on the line…

Mission Paris is one of Mission Europe’s three bilingual audio investigations

“Mission Europe” is coproduced by Radio France Internationale, Deutsche Welle and Polski Radio, in partnership with Radiofabrik. It was financed by the European Commission’s Lingua 1 programme.
In 26 five-minute episodes, “ Mission Berlin”, “Misja Krakow” and “Mission Paris” recount the adventures of a video game player and his virtual heroine. Their mission: neutralise a band of time terrorists in Germany, France and Poland. To survive and accomplish their mission, they need to learn enough of the country’s language to get by. By listening to the stories, the listener, like the hero, acquires a basic knowledge of the foreign language and culture. 

Listen and practice in the following languages: Chinese, English, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

Listen to Mission Paris in Romanian.

Mission Europe Credits:

Associate producers: Lidwien van Dixhoorn, Sabine Hartert, Agnieszka Drewno
Original idea: Lidwien van Dixhoorn, Katja Ingman
Script: Sebastien Bousquet, Marianne Caron
Original music: Bertrand Taussac
Creative director: Jean Pierre Chevillard

Mission Paris credits:

Original script: Katja Ingman
Production: Anoushka Notaras and Jean Pierre Chevillard
Production manager: Anoushka Notaras

Download the Mission Paris information sheet :


L'affaire du coffret

Bilingual detective series

Lucas, a foreign journalist, wakes up one morning in a hotel room with a terrible headache. He doesn’t know where he is or how he got there. A mysterious woman has disappeared, leaving him with 20,000 euro and a walkman featuring some mysterious recordings. The police summon him to the station. Is he an accomplice or a victim of crime?
Pressed for time and confused by events, Lucas starts investigating. The trouble is, he doesn’t speak French very well…

L’affaire du coffret invites the listener to get into the hero’s skin and experience an unusual adventure with a series of clues in a captivating and highly realistic French audio environment.

The 60 four-minute programmes in this series relate a story that – in a more banal version – could happen to any foreigner confronted with French sounds, words and culture. 

Listen and practice in the following languages: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish.

Listen to L’Affaire Du Coffret in Persian, Romanian and Vietnamese.

Director: Lidwien van Dixhoorn
Original idea: Lidwien van Dixhoorn, Katja Ingman
Original text: Katja Ingman
Original music: Trio Toykeat
Production: Anoushka Notaras and Jean-Pierre Chevillard

Download the Affaire du Coffret information sheet : 


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