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Teach and learn with Le Talisman brisé

Le Talisman brisé radio series provides a great introduction to the French language. Simply listening is enough to pick up the basics of a conversation in French. To take learning further, each episode can be listened to online and followed by a series of activities to make sure you have understood the content and to revise the grammar and vocabulary featured in the programme. The learner’s book, available as a PDF, includes additional material to work on either in class or alone, in an active, fun way to develop your knowledge of French and get writing.

Learn and listen with the learner’s book

The book follows the themes, vocabulary and grammar points covered in the story so that learners can practice methodically at the same pace as the series.

This downloadable, printable book features a double-page spread corresponding to each episode. Starting from the simple spoken situations featured in the series, the book contains fun and original supplementary material based on active discovery of French through a communicative approach.

Learners are invited to listen to an episode with a summary and comprehension questions. They then follow sequences called “Learn with Kwamé” to actively discover the grammatical structures and vocabulary needed to carry out a communication task:

A written extract from one of the dialogues in the series illustrates a communication situation and breaks it down into different parts. This provides the starting point for learning the lesson, followed by activities to discover and practise.

To take learning further, the language structures and vocabulary required to carry out the communication task are tackled in different everyday circumstances along with written practice activities.

The toolkit features useful phrases for communicating independently in a range of situations.

Like the series, the book is organised into five units corresponding to five episodes, each of which ends with a double-page overview of the new structures learned.

The book includes the answers to the exercises and the transcripts of the dialogues in French.   

This handbook and beginner’s tool combined provides around fifty hours of beginner lessons to be used in the classroom or independently.  

Practise with online exercises

With the website, you can perfect your listening and start writing with practice exercises. It is a great way to take the radio series one step further.

On RFI Savoirs, listening to the series gives you a chance to work on your own. Each episode comes with a sequence of self-correcting interactive exercises. Independent learners can get help from a transcript of the French dialogues, a vocabulary list, and explanatory sheets. 

The online work is organised into short, manageable sequences for regular work on a mobile phone or at an internet café.

Each episode comes with two types of exercise:
- Listening and comprehension activities on the series: learners actively listen to the episode, the grammar and vocabulary to be worked on are highlighted.
- Activities to extend knowledge of the language: learners are invited to try out and adopt the French vocabulary and grammar heard in the episode.

Comprehensive package for teachers and project managers

Radios are used all over Africa, making them a powerful education tool. Le Talisman brisé is a bilingual series devised to reach a wide public, including non-francophones, francophones, students’ parents and anyone who loves audio stories.

Based on the multiple languages spoken in Africa, the series offers listeners a story in French at the same time as their mother tongue.

Teachers who want to work with the series can obtain all of the material for free and download it for listening and printing: audio episodes, learner’s book, teacher’s guide and online activities.

The teacher’s guide features an active, communicative way to learn French orally. Progressive work divided into six steps corresponds to each episode and totals about fifty hours of learning with the series in addition to regular French lessons.

An example sheet with ideas for class activities provides inspiration for using the series to teach French in a fun and motivating way.

Le Talisman brisé is an original bilingual series suitable for all local initiatives to promote French in a multi-lingual context. With a bilingual format in 12 national African languages, the series has been devised to feature French alongside local languages.

The French service of Radio France Internationale has the tools and knowhow to support local education projects interested in using the series: these projects could involve producing a bilingual version adapted into the local language, radio broadcasting, and training for teachers and education centre leaders.

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