#Bilingual French courses

56-60 | Le piège final

L'Affaire du coffret - page média 12
The final countdown begins and anxiety mingles with excitement as D-Day approaches. Who runs the “réseau Sud”? Will Nadia be able to recover the coffret? Will she succeed in her mission?

Episode 56: Rendez-vous avec Fabio
Nadia had to negotiate with the thieves… I didn’t like it at all!


Episode 57: Une voix mystérieuse
The tension was unbearable as we waited to net the robbers. Were they people we knew?


Episode 58: Le plan de la police
The date was set. The only thing left was to listen to the instructions from the robbers…


Episode 59: Arrestation en Italie
We were waiting for the end game, hoping that neither Jean-Pierre nor René would be the guilty party.


Episode 60: Le jour J
Finally D Day… it’s all going down...

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