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51-55 | Enfin des réponses !

L'Affaire du coffret - page média 11
Having barely set foot in Marseille, Lucas learns more about the past and the players in this strange story. The investigation speeds up, and now it’s up to Nadia carry out the police’s plan. Lucas helps Anne and superintendent Jeannin get ready.

Episode 51: Chez Anne
I ended up at Anne’s place, a beautiful house typical of the south…


Episode 52: Marseille, ce ne sont pas des vacances!
I was getting on well with Anne, she absolutely loved the recordings.


Episode 53: Etienne arrive
Etienne joined us today in Marseille… I went to fetch him from the station.


Episode 54: La coquette et le médecin
Anne had been Nadia’s friend since their student days and a colleague of a kind, as she works at the Musée de Marseille…


Episode 55: Partons d’ici ?
At last Nadia was leaving hospital, she might not go blind… she's got to stay calm, doctor's orders...

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