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46-50 | Destination Marseille

L'Affaire du coffret - page média 10
Marseille: the clock ticks down. Can Lucas untangle the threads of the investigation and get his memory back?

Episode 46: Gaëlle
I was getting ready for my trip to Marseille and looking forward to seeing Nadia, the woman who’d landed me in this whole affair…


Episode 47: Rendez-vous à Marseille
Every day I went to check my emails…


Episode 48: À la banque
I was going to deposit the 20 000 € at the bank… what a relief…


Episode 49: L’accident
How could I have forgotten such a wonderful romance?


Episode 50: Retrouvailles
Very impressive the TGV… in three hours I was in Marseille!

Posted on 2016/04/26 - Modified on 2017/03/07

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