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16-20 | Complice ou victime ?

L'Affaire du coffret - page média 4
From the Seine to the corridors of the underground and a posh restaurant, Lucas tries to hunt down the truth. And with some progress: Nadia’s network is beginning to unveil itself. But what part does he play? Is he an accomplice or a victim?

Episode 16: Un tour en bateau
I was running out of time! Was I guilty of stealing something? Finding out the truth was becoming an obsession…


Episode 17: Dans le métro
Jean-Pierre wanted to stop me from doing something… anyway my inquiries were continuing… Discreetly.


Episode 18: Au restaurant
Etienne Favre, the director of the Hôtel des Arts wanted to have lunch with me…


Episode 19: Les yeux de Nadia
So Jean-Pierre was Nadia’s fiancé and I was just a fling…


Episode 20: Le bon, la brute ou le truand ?
It was bucketing down. Everything was depressing. Nadia and the thug… engaged… yuk… what a thought…

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