Mission Paris
marplon 4

Eva finds herself in a race against time and an enemy who wants to return France to the era of Napoleon III and restore the Second Empire. Her goal: to save the French Republic from its downfall.

The heroine finds herself in the midst of a huge explosion in the “Gare de l’Est” in Paris. A wounded man gives her the first clue: a series of numbers. Eva finds a message on a piece of paper saying : “La statue domine le mort mais la fertilité est retrouvée.” Eva embarks on an adventure to solve the riddle. Luckily, she has a magic taxi that can take her anywhere very quickly. And Eva can really use the help because she is constantly running away from the mysterious men in black hats who are chasing her all across Paris. Even though our heroine is a virtual figure, she is still susceptible to human feelings like fear and love. During her travels to the darkest corners and most splendid buildings in Paris, it quickly becomes obvious that our heroine is more than an instrument in the hands of a player. He sits in front of a computer far away from the commotion in Paris. He steers her through the city, past antique booksellers, painters at Montmartre to the cemetery Père-Lachaise. He makes decisions that could mean life or death for her.

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Posted on 2015/12/11 - Modified on 2019/02/07

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