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Eva is at the Gare de l’Est in Paris when a huge explosion occurs. An injured man gives her the first clue: a series of numbers. Shortly afterwards, she finds a piece of paper marked: “The statue dominates death but fertility has been found again”. Eva needs to find out what the clue means to save the Republic. She carries out her investigation in Paris, at second-hand bookstands, at Père-Lachaise Cemetery, and even with painters at Montmartre. But our heroine is hindered because she doesn’t speak French, and her life is on the line…

In 26 five-minute episodes, “ Mission Berlin”, “Misja Krakow” and “Mission Paris” recount the adventures of a video game player and his virtual heroine. Their mission: neutralise a band of time terrorists in Germany, France and Poland. To survive and accomplish their mission, they need to learn enough of the country’s language to get by. By listening to the stories, the listener, like the hero, acquires a basic knowledge of the foreign language and culture.

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« Mission Paris » in French-Romanian

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