L'Affaire du coffret

Lucas, a British journalist, wakes up in a hotel room with the mother of all headaches. He can’t remember a thing. Room service brings him breakfast and a parcel containing 20,000 €, a Walkman® with a minidisc and a note: "A bientôt, Nadia". So, he must be in Paris, but who’s this Nadia? Next, a police officer asks him to come to the station… Is he an accomplice or a victim of a crime?
Lucas decides to trust no-one and to carry out a private investigation – rather a tall order for someone who has lost his memory and doesn’t speak French beyond "bonjour" and "au revoir".

Step into Lucas’ shoes and make progress towards the truth with the help of the audio material, the scripts, the exercises and the quiz – and become familiar with the French language.
Listen and practice in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

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Posted on 2016/05/12 - Modified on 2018/12/12

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