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41-45 | On compte sur moi

L'Affaire du coffret - page média 9
Marseille, Milan… All clues point to the south! But if the “réseau Sud" is responsible for the theft, who is in on it? How was the coffret stolen? Lucas tries to piece together the events of the night of the theft. What was everyone up to? And what does Nadia want from Lucas?

Episode 41: Retour à la conférence
The only possible suspects for me were Jean-Pierre and René.


Episode 42: Encore des affaires !
I knew how the coffret could have been stolen. Now… Who dunnit?


Episode 43: Une affaire à Marseille
I could imagine René doing a bit of smuggling, but betraying his friend Etienne, surely not


Episode 44: Vous avez un nouveau message
Thanks to Etienne, I finally knew why Nadia was in Marseille: to investigate the theft and for her eyes…


Episode 45: Au revoir Marie-Ange!
I was impatient to see Nadia again… buried feelings were resurfacing… I needed to share my delight with Marie-Ange.

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