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36-40 | Amis ou ennemis ?

L'Affaire du coffret - page média 8
Running short on time, Lucas looks deeper into Nadia’s circle. Who are the people in this group and what roles do they all play? A network begins to emerge, but is it a circle of friends, of work contacts…or is it the “réseau Sud”?

Episode 36: Jean Pierre a disparu !
To better understand Nadia’s entourage, I decided to listen to all the sequences with a first name in the headings…


Episode 37: Les affaires de René
I was starting to see intrigues and plots worthy of a romantic novel…


Episode 38: Etienne et Nadia
I was beginning to think that Nadia was surrounded by dodgy characters…


Episode 39: Anne
Nadia had gone to Anne’s place on Etienne’s advice…


Episode 40: Doutes et certitudes
Anne Dupin seemed like a trustworthy woman. I needed to talk to Etienne.

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