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31-36 | L’enquête reprend

L'Affaire du coffret - page média 7
Completely alone, Lucas starts from scratch. What happened when he arrived in Paris? What went down at the beginning of his trip before the coffret was stolen? Did he miss a clue? Are things really what they seem?

Episode 31: C’est reparti !
Marie-Ange had convinced me: Nadia might not be involved in the theft, I was determined to listen to all the recordings systematically…


Episode 32: Rendez-vous avec Etienne
I was busy wondering if Nadia and Jean-Pierre were really as close as all that when I got a phone call from Etienne…


Episode 33: Une petite annonce
René was a good friend of Etienne… but their business dealings intrigued me.


Episode 34: Encore au commissariat !
I had a new lead: this small ad. Someone wanted to buy the ring in Marseille. Was it Anne? Nadia? The réseau Sud?


Episode 35: On se dit « tu », d’accord ?
Jean-Pierre behaved suspiciously when he was being interviewed by Commissaire Magne…

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