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21-25 | Qui est avec qui ?

L'Affaire du coffret - page média 5
An anonymous letter, confrontations and shady dealings: the situation grows ever darker as Lucas’ investigation progresses. He finally discovers where Nadia went. But why did she leave? And what to do with those 20,000 €?

Episode 21: Un courrier mystérieux
Was I party to a crime or the victim of an elaborate trick?


Episode 22: Les affaires de René et d’Etienne
At least I’ve got something to go on… an art smuggling ring: “le réseau Sud”...


Episode 23: Voilà l’argent
Etienne and René had some kind of deal going Italy, in the south…


Episode 24: Vous êtes arrivé à Paris Gare de Lyon
Etienne had given the money to Nadia who was staying at Anne’s place.


Episode 25: On dirait le réseau Sud !
I had some significant information and wanted to take stock of what was going on, so I went over to Marie-Ange’s.


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