Collection : Parlez-vous Paris?
©Delphine Barreau

They come from countries like Nepal, Slovakia, Sudan and Quebec. Some are at college or university, others are artists, and all of them have just moved to Paris. They want to learn more about the French capital, its residents, codes, culture and social life. How can you find your way about Paris and not get jostled in the metro? How do you choose a good wine? Why do French people take such long lunch breaks? And what's the best way to bargain at the flea market? 


"Parlez-vous Paris?" is an authentic walk around town in 26 reports organised into 5 themes to discover how Parisians live. Listen to the episodes, watch the videos and do the exercises to get a grasp of the capital, its language and culture. 

Access bilingual versions in the following languages: EnglishArabicChineseSpanishBrazilian Portuguese and Russian.

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Posted on 2016/07/11 - Modified on 2020/06/22

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