Talisman brisé - acte 01
D. Esalé

Act 1 : The kidnapping of professor Omar

#Basic user 1 (A1)
#Se présenter

Kwamé is a gardener at Gorom-Gorom, in Burkina Faso. His employer, Professor Omar Sékou, is kidnapped right in front of his eyes. In the fight, his talisman is broken.
Kwamé goes looking for Omar, who was working on making the desert green again. Who has kidnapped him?
Do the kidnapping and this strange talisman have a connection with the tale told by Kwamé’s aunt?
“Listen to the wind, that’s the Sahara crying. She wants to bloom again. One day, a man will come. He will breathe life back into the grass and the trees you once knew...”

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